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Why your Contact Page is so important for your Cannabis and Marijuana business

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Why your Contact Page is so important for your Cannabis and Marijuana business

At its core, your contact page is a simple web page that features a lead capture form, designed for client acquisition. You more than likely already have a very simplified version of this form on your site.

These contact forms are quite common on freelancer and agency websites but are mostly added as an afterthought without much consideration about their purpose or impact. While simple forms do give your prospects an opportunity to reach out to you, they’re often not compelling enough to persuade your visitors to actually do so. And even when someone does fill out your basic form, you’ll often end up with a vague response like this:

It doesn’t make sense for you to devote the same amount of time to every prospect that comes through your website. A response like the one above can take hours, or even days, of back and forth communication before you fully understand the scope of the project and identify whether your prospect is a good fit for your business.

Rather than opting for the status quo, you should put in the effort to create a contact form that is elegantly designed to extract the most relevant information from your prospect. This proactive information gathering allows you to make an educated decision about working with them, before wasting any time writing proposals or attending introductory meetings. Having an established process like this might seem like overkill to some, but it can be exceptionally beneficial.


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